The Galicia Conference and Exhibition Centre is located in the San Lázaro district of Santiago de Compostela. The building has a surface area of 15,000 m² and is suitable for hosting all kinds of conferences and cultural events. The centre has over 30 rooms, making it the ideal location in which to host both large-scale and small meetings which require modern, comfortable facilities.

The conference centre offers the following facilities:

Santiago Hall:

  • With a capacity of 1,580 people and a 300 m² central stage.

Compostela Hall:

  • With a capacity of 520 people and a 150 m² central stage.

Obradoiro Room:

  • With a capacity of 400 people.

22 Break-out Rooms ranging from 36 to 144 m².
3 Exhibition Areas.
VIP Lounges.
Press Room.
Telephone Centre.
Restaurant with seating for 600 people.
VIP Restaurant-Lounges for 25 people.