We judge the size of things by their measurements and not by their true dimensions, which also include their ability to influence the surroundings. The Miguel Delibes Conference Centre (CCMD) was designed by the architect Ricardo Bofill as a large space in which to exchange knowledge and promote new ideas. This emblematic building stands out for its originality and constantly challenges us to set our sights on new horizons.

CCMD, Honing perfection:
The building’s success lies in combining the most up-to-date infrastructure and services in a unique space which is designed to ensure functionality and efficiency and is capable of promoting collaboration and exchange. The CCMD is not only a large building which occupies an urban space. It is essentially an emblematic architectural complex which due to its size and multipurpose nature is capable of successfully fulfilling any requirements which conference and event organisers may encounter.

We are whatever we present to other people. Having our own space which enables us to come together in a free and productive way and allows us to optimise our communication events is a guarantee of success.

The CCMD has been designed to offer maximum functionality. Its versatile facilities are able to adapt to the specific needs of event organisers and use of the latest state-of-the-art technology ensures the optimisation of resources.

The CCMD’s objective in terms of quality is to hone perfection. We know that quality depends on the work we do every day and on the personalised attention we give to all our projects. In order to fulfil our demanding quality requirements, whenever an event finishes we send out a brief report so customers can give us their opinions and suggestions.

With this we aim to determine the level of customer satisfaction with the facilities, technical staff and services provided when hosting a conference or event. This tells us about customers’ views and suggestions and enables us to correct our mistakes thus improving the services we provide. The end result of this long process full of ambition and effort is our commitment to the promises we make and the satisfaction of a job well done.