The Canary Islands Conference Centre is a magnificent example of imaginative architecture. It is the work of the architect Oscar Tusquets and was built next to the sea on a site of over 13,200 m².

The complex has 14 meeting rooms with a total capacity of 3,856 people and spacious indoor areas for relaxing and enjoying a variety of leisure activities. The complex also has outdoor areas in an exceptional part of the city, the Las Canteras beach, where a wide range of entertainment and additional services are available.

In addition, the building is equipped with the latest telecommunications systems, and its state-of-the-art technology ensures the complex runs smoothly. Event participants have access to the Internet and to external databases and there are various different videoconferencing rooms. The internal communication network has high data transmission capabilities and is able to transfer data, images and sound in real time to all the rooms. The rooms also have simultaneous interpreting facilities, closed circuit television and modern audiovisual facilities (video projectors, retro projectors, front projection screens, etc.).