El Batel, Auditorium and Conferene Centre

The Auditorium and Conferene Centre, El Batel is an imposing and avant-garde building that finds its inspiration in the marine traditions of Cartagena. Both, its design and the materials and techniques used for its construction have been specifically developed for El Batel, with a "plastic leather" that creates translucent spaces that give lightness.

Its location next to the port and the sea, as well as a step from the city center makes it an ideal place for holding congresses and events. 

The Batel has 9 rooms, and a large exhibition hall (1200 m2), a hall that communicates all of them. Moreover, it has accessory spaces to serve the different events such as: lounges, press room, and dressing rooms.  In El Batel, you will find technical and human equipment tailored. It has a large terrace overlooking the yatch port and the Mediterranean Sea and another large terrace facing historical buildings.  

The Auditorium and Congress Palace El Batel, designed by the architecs Selgas-Cano was awarded XII Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism in 2013.