• 23 February, 2009

    Statistics report 2008

    An APCE study shows 2008 conference attendance was up on 2007. €1,800 million was generated by these events.

Conference attendance in 2008 surpassed the previous year’s figures
The leading conference centres in Spain were the venues of choice in 2008 for over 6,100 events that were attended by more than 4,400,000 people.

According to figures released by the Spanish Association of Conference Centres (APCE), last year its 37 member centres hosted over 6,100 events which were attended by more than 4,400,000 people and generated almost €1,800 million.

A total of 589 conferences, which were attended by around 553,000 delegates, and 345 conventions, with 196,000 visitors, were held during 2008. In addition, over 479,000 people attended the 1,779 symposia that were held.

Over 3,400 other events were also hosted which were attended by 3,214,179 people.

The APCE study shows an 8% rise over 2007 in the number of participants taking part in conferences, conventions and symposia. The largest rise in the number of participants was in the conference sector which registered an increase of almost 24%. “This clearly strengthens our economic influence in Spain and demonstrates increasing recognition for the APCE brand as a synonym of the quality and prestige of our conference centres,” said José Salinas, Chairman of the APCE and Managing Director of the Valencia Conference Centre.

According to the study, around 80% of conference delegates and 75% of events are national and international meetings. On the conventions front, 57% of delegates and 53% of meetings correspond to national and international events.

“The study is based on figures from Spain’s major conference centres and shows both an increase in the number of visitors and also a high percentage of people from abroad who have chosen Spain to hold their events,” noted Mr Salinas.

“The Association is committed to staying one step ahead of the industry in order to maintain our leadership in this increasingly competitive environment.

Continuous improvement and the search for new opportunities, such as technological innovation and implementing sustainable policies, will help us to retain our leading position in a market which is proving to be cautious in the current economic climate.”

About the APCE
The Spanish Association of Conference Centres (APCE) was founded in 1995. It aims to represent and defend the collective interests of its members in their dealings with industry peers and with the relevant administrative authorities. The APCE enables its members to exchange business ideas and experiences and acts as the focal point for conference and event tourism in Spain.

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